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Social Value Report Assurance

Assuring your Social Value Report will give your work a mark of quality and credibility. Submit your report to our Report Assurance service and if it meets the SVI report assurance standard the report becomes ‘assured’ and the below statement can be attached to the report.

The report shows a good understanding of, and is consistent with, the Social Value Principles and process. Assurance here does not include verification of stakeholder engagement, data and calculations.

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Download the Assurance Standard

What support can I get to help my report become assured?

  1. Peer Support: As a member of SVI you are encouraged to gain support from other members through regional meetings, LinkedIn groups, webinars and slack channels.
  2. Assurance Standard Checklist: The Report Assurance standard is available in a checklist format for you to use as you produce your report. Download it here.
  3. Report Review Service: Submit any report to Social Value UK and feedback is provided on where the report shows good application of the Social Value Principles and areas in which it needs improving if it is to meet the assurance criteria.
  4. SVUK mentoring packages: Social Value UK provide a mentoring service that offers intense 1-2-1 coaching. NB: if a report has been produced with help from this mentoring service, it is not possible for it to be part of an individuals application for accredited practitioner status.

What is Report Assurance?

Assurance is more than just a rubber-stamping exercise. It is also a learning process designed to help you improve the way you measure impact. During the process your analysis will be independently checked by our qualified assessors. They will check that a report shows good understanding of Social Value principles and practice. For an SROI report this means that principle #3 “value what matters” requires the use of financial proxies. However any social value/impact report can be tested against the Social Value principles. Assurance is a principles based assessment. It does not include verification of stakeholder engagement, data and calculations.

When can I submit a report for assurance?

You can submit an application during a standard assurance and accreditation round (a two week period in which we receive many applications). The following rounds are scheduled:

Assurance ServiceRound OpensRound Closes
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results20th January 202024th January 2020
Report Assurance20th January 202031st January 2020
SVI Practitioner17th February 202028th February 2020
Social Value Certificate9th March 202020th March 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results20th April 202024th April 2020
Report Assurance 20th April 20201st May 2020
SVI Practitioner18th May 202029th May 2020
Social Value Certificate8th June 202019th June 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results6th July 202010th July 2020
Report Assurance6th July 202017th July 2020
SVI Practitioner1st September 202011th September 2020
Social Value Certificate21st September 20202nd October 2020
Associate Practitioner Level 1 Results12th October 202016th October 2020
Report Assurance 12th October 202023rd October 2020
SVI Practitioner9th November 202020th November 2020
Social Value Certificate30th November 202011th December 2020

As the standard report assurance round is open, you can apply using the button below.

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Fast-Track applications

Alternatively, you can use the Fast-Track service. This means you can apply at any time of the year. To apply for Fast-Track report assurance, please contact the assurance team to discuss timelines using the button below.

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More information

For more information about Report Assurance, including pricing, please use the button below.

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