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How To Value Social Outcomes: A Masterclass

Online Services During COVID-19

During this challenging time, with many of us working remotely, Social Value UK would like to highlight three options for you to continue your professional development with us. We have a range of online resources, training and qualifications meeting the Social Value International standards for accounting for value!

For anyone who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 outbreak we can offer the first two offers free of charge. Please get in touch with enquiries about this.

OPTION 1) Social Value International Practitioner Package and Level 1: Associate Practitioner 

The Practitioner Package is a dedicated online learning platform that will guide you, step-by-step, through an SROI or Social Impact Report. This package is designed to offer practical support for anyone developing their social impact practice.  

It contains a library of resources including templates for data collection and reporting and a series of introductory training videos that help practitioners to prepare for the online exam to become an Associate Practitioner with SVI.  

The Associate Practitioner application usually costs £300, but for a limited time, we will be offering the Practitioner Package AND Level 1 application together for £300. Find out more about the Practitioner Package here, and about the Practitioner Pathway here

OPTION 2) Online Accredited Practitioner Training costing £300 + VAT

We will be testing online delivery of our most popular training course; Social Value and SROI Accredited Practitioner training.  This course will cover all of the same content as the 2 day course in person, over 6 online sessions lasting 3 hours each, this is more contact time than takes place in person and will include some 1-2-1 mentoring.

Starting on 26th of March and running for 6 weeks. 

This Course and Accreditation

Anyone wishing to become an SROI Accredited Practitioner will need to have attended all of this course. Training does not include or guarantee accreditation, but is a necessary step towards becoming an accredited practitioner. Find out more about Social Value & SROI Accreditation (additional costs apply).

As this is a beta-testing we are offering a reduced rate of £300 + VAT

Please register your interest here

OPTION 3) Remote Mentoring costing £2250 + VAT, with discounts available for members

The SROI mentoring programme is designed for individual practitioners who have completed the Practitioner Training and are undertaking an SROI. During three days of support, you will be taken through the SROI process, from scoping to reporting in five mentoring steps. These costs include 21 hours of remote contact (email, phone, Skype etc.) with a mentor.

Find out more here.

 If you have any further questions please contact

Masterclass Practitioner Training by Social Value UK

Ever wondered how to value intangible things like improvement in health, a decrease in isolation or a reduction in pollution?

Putting a value on social outcomes can be a challenging part of evaluation and social impact analysis, even if you are familiar with research and accounting.

In a world of many options for measuring social impact and social value, this 1-day masterclass will help you through the options available to you and introduce you to all the main tools, and techniques for valuing social outcomes.

The masterclass will focus on ways to value the social and environmental outcomes caused by your activities that have no market price. We will look at value from multiple perspectives, focusing on value created for your service users, customers, employees and other stakeholders including the state.

This masterclass is suitable for practitioners working at (or for) organisations of all sizes and in different sectors including businesses involved in public sector procurement or social purpose organisations (charities, social enterprises or voluntary organisations). We welcome attendance from commissioners or investors/funders in social projects.

Although we will learn with some practical exercises, the masterclass will not be overly technical, and you won’t need Microsoft Excel or a degree in maths – we will look more at definitions and principles that will enable you to use figures credibly and appropriately!

The Masterclass will include:

  • What is social value?
  • Why should we measure it?
  • A-Z of valuation approaches with exercises to learn how to apply the most popular techniques.
  • Getting recognition and credibility of your work – through assurance and certification
  • Navigating the landscape of tools and frameworks:

o   Myths and jargon busting

o   Types of value – who makes the value judgement

o   Sources of value data

o   Levels of rigour for different purposes – being confident and credible

Upcoming dates

Manchester Manchester Cathedral Visitor Centre10th July

Training is delivered by Social Value UK Training Manager, Tim Goodspeed.

Tim is the UK training manager for Social Value UK. He is one of the authors of the Guide to SROI (originally sponsored by UK Govt Cabinet Office), contributed to a recent publication on The Value Game and is a member of the Social Value International Methodology Committee.

As well as training and writing about social value, Tim has extensive experience of valuation exercises from low to high rigour, for example: Tim advised on a model of social value using existing external secondary data, for example the Sport England Report (Davies, et all 2016).

Tim has also developed more rigorous analysis too such as this example in the Magna Vitae SROI (morethanoutputs, 2018) and his work for the Bradford Literature Festival Evaluation (morethanoutputs, 2018).


1-day Masterclass

£295 (+ VAT) for non-members of Social Value UK

£220 (+ VAT) for SVUK members (25% discount)

2-day Masterclass

£600 (+ VAT) for non-members of Social Value UK

£450 (+ VAT) for SVUK members (25% discount)

Contact our office with any questions you have about the suitability of this course or pricing.

0151 703 9229


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