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Register of Accredited Practitioners

Find all of our SROI Accredited Practitioners

NameAccreditation valid untilRegionMore information
Jenni Inglis11 April 2018ScotlandMember profile
Hugo Minney13 April 2018England - North East
Rick Rijsdijk1 May 2018ScotlandMember profile
Elaine McCorriston3 June 2018Scotland
Julie Gowland24 June 218England - North EastMember profile
Hannah Marsh14 November 2018England - South East
Janine Edwards9 December 2018England - London
Oliver Kempton15 December 2018England - LondonMember profile
Lizzie Trotter15 December 2018England - London
Andy Bagley18 December 2018England - YorkshireMember profile
Sian Every27 February 2019England - Midlands
Rohan Martyres14 March 2019England - London
Helen Slinger16 March 2019England - London
Mandy Barnett1 May 2019England - North West
Adam Richards25 May 2019England - North West
Joelle Bradly16 July 2019England - Midlands
Sarah Arnold28 October 2019England - London
Sheila Durie31 December 2020Scotland
Tim Goodspeed31 December 2020England - Yorkshire
Eilis Lawlor31 December 2020England - LondonMember profile
Karl Leathem31 December 2020England - North West
Richard Murray31 December 2020England - London
Jeremy Nicholls31 December 2020England - North West
Mark Forsyth26 June 2021England - South WestMember profile
Judith Chorley16 July 2021England - South East


NameAccreditation valid untilCountryMore information
Rebecca Cain15 May 2018Australia
Madri Jansen van Rensburg26 May 2018South Africa
Megan Price4 July 2018Australia
Paula Fabiani21 September 2018Brazil
Erik Jannesson9 November 2018SwedenMember profile
Hugo Narrillos Roux26 November 2018Spain
Yulia Romaschenko4 December 2018Russia
Matt Bevan18 December 2018Australia
Sandra Velthuis14 February 2019Ireland
Jenny Ofrim21 February 2019Canada
Alexandre Lemille16 April 2019France, South Africa, UAE
Michael Weatherhead29 June 2019South Africa
Anne Miller22 July 2019Canada
Harry Freeman29 September 2019Australia
Suzi Young16 December 2019Australia
Irina Novikova4 January 2020Russia
Alfred Tu24 January 2020Taiwan
Philip Isard30 January 2020Ireland
Yu Tsui Lin22 June 2020Taiwan
Brooke Avory2 August 2020Australia
Erandi Samarakoon15 September 2020AustraliaMember profile
Yuer Wu11 December 2020Taiwan
Ceyda Ozgun16 January 2021TurkeyMember profile
Khulood Hindiyeh9 February 2021JordanMember profile
Terence Yuen2 May 2021Hong Kong


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