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This report adopts the Social Return of Investment approach to access the social impacts of “Let’s Save Our Own Milk” initiated on the crowdfunding platform from January 2015. Let’s Save Our Own Milk (abbreviated as LSOOM) raised funding from the public and then a private milk company Puremilk Co. was set up, which aims to solve social problems including the long-neglected dairy industry, the gap between young manpower demands and supplies, and unfair trade between dairy farmers and the big dairy companies. Not only has LSOOM established a fair production and sales platform, but more importantly, it fosters an ecosystem for the entire industry to further develop. This report identifies five stakeholder groups – Puremilk Co., the intern vet, undergraduate interns, dairy farms, and LSOOM crowdfunders. For every 1$ invested there is a social return of 3.65-4.84, in our base case scenario the SROI ratio is 1:4.05. These results indicate that this project has demonstrated its social value in a short period of time. Above all, this project shows the value and the importance of creating a new dairy production-marketing model, cultivating young talents to meet the current demands, enhancing farmers’ overall abilities and business confidence, and raising public awareness of fair trade to grow and overturn dairy industry in Taiwan.

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