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The integration of immigrants into our society is an issue of great topical interest that is strategically important for our future. Financial inclusion and credit access are essential aspects for generating positive social integration paths. The migratory flows that have been arriving in Italy for many years increasingly affect the demographic balance and the sustainability of the social security system. It is in this context of great change that Extrabanca’s activities can be found. Since the Bank was founded in 2010, its mission has been to meet the financial needs of migrants.

With its newly created supply system, Extrabanca presents itself to the immigrant community as the intermediator best suited for guidance along the path of financial inclusion.

In light of our mission, Extrabanca decided to put Human Foundation in charge of this forecast SROI assessment in order to better understand the social impact of its activities.

The following assessment is a forecast SROI, i.e., an assessment that values and predicts ex-ante the social value of the expected results deriving from an intervention or an organization. The assessment serves to calculate the social impact of Extrabanca’s products on its clients, migrants in particular. The aim is to understand how Extrabanca’s activities contribute to the integration path and the personal development of its clients.

In this regard, SROI concentrates on Extrabanca’s clients, analysing how products and services offered by the Bank are able to lead to an increase in the migrants’ level of financial inclusion in Italy. As stated in the 4th CESPI report (2015), migrant banking in Italy represents the cornerstone of the process of financial inclusion: it is a point both of arrival and of departure as it allows clients to access products and services.

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