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“Green Gym is a nationwide scheme run by TCV, The Conservation Volunteers, that combines physical activity with local environmental projects. It was launched in 1998 and there are now more than 100 Green Gyms in the UK. Green Gyms are run in two ways – directly by TCV, and by community groups under licence from TCV.

TCV plans to significantly increase the number of Green Gyms to support the health and wellbeing agendas of the four countries of the UK.

Research has shown that participating as a volunteer in a Green Gym improves and maintains physical and mental health by increasing physical activity levels and reducing social isolation, by creating opportunities for people to work together in worthwhile outdoor activities. Volunteers say they value making improvements to their environment and also developing employability skills by working in teams and solving problems. Studies carried out so far on Green Gyms around the country indicate that they increase resilience – through helping to improve people’s health, and fostering communities that are better able to make sustainable changes to the environment.”

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