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“Raleigh International’s (‘Raleigh’) mission is to create lasting change through youth. The organisational vision is of a world where the global community works together to build a sustainable future. The Expedition programme, which has been running for 30 years, is one of two major volunteering programmes run by Raleigh designed to create lasting positive change in rural communities through the structured activities and actions of youth volunteers and their influence on local communities. The work brings together a diverse group of volunteers aged 17 to 25 from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds around the world. They work together as a team for 10 weeks delivering projects in developing countries, focusing on environmental, community and leadership themes.

During the last decade, there has been an increased level of attention paid to evidence of the positive effects of volunteering on development work. Researchers have found that volunteering provides a platform for exchanging knowledge, technical skills and cross-cultural experience in developing communities. This pilot study collects together evidence of the benefits of volunteering by evaluating Raleigh International’s Expeditions programme through both a quantitative and a social Cost-Benefit (SCBA) analysis.”

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