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Pact Myanmar in collaboration with Cesvi conducted a Social Return on Investment study of the Shae Thot project’s livelihoods activities from August 2015 – March 2016. This report presents the methods and findings of this assessment for the purpose of assurance.

The project team engaged all stakeholders that we expected to have material outcomes due to the project, considering both those who might be both positively and negatively affected. We then conducted a series of focus groups and surveys with these stakeholders to map the outcomes they saw in their lives, estimate the number of stakeholders for whom the outcomes happened, value the outcomes, and consider how much of the outcome can be attributed to project activities. After processing the data, we narrowed the analysis to only the five stakeholders whose outcomes had a material impact on the final results. The values calculated per stakeholder are listed in the table below, with WORTH (women’s savings and empowerment group) members’ families netting the highest value.

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