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This standard should be used for all assurance and accreditation applications made after October 2017.

Release date: 16 ASocial Value International are undertaking a review and update of the Report Assurance Standard.
Download the current standard here.

There are multiple reasons for an updated report assurance standard in 2019:

Since 2017 there have been further developments in methodology including the revised SVI standard on stakeholder involvement.

There have been increased cases of reports requiring qualifying statements (limited materiality and stakeholder involvement)
Through those that are using the assurance standard (assessors and applicants) feedback has already started to be gathered highlighting areas of improvement.
This consultation is open to all, especially those with a keen interest in the Report Assurance Standard, including accredited practitioners, assurance professionals, SVI members.
This consultation will be open until June 10th 2019. Please e-mail

For more information on Report Assurance head here.ugust 2017

Author: Social Value International

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