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Tools by Principle

Below is a list of tools and resources organised by each of the Social Value Principles. If you have a suggestion for a resource or tool that could be added please email

Involve stakeholders
  • Social Value UK, Standard on Applying Principle 1 Involve stakeholders (Draft), available here.
  • New Economics Foundation, Participation Works! 21 techniques of community participation for the 21st century, available here.
  • Involve, People & Participation How to put citizens at the heart of decision-making, available here.
  • AccountAbility, AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES), available here.
  • AccountAbility, The Stakeholder Engagement Manual, available 
  • Charities Evaluation Services, Developing and Using Outcomes Monitoring Tools, available here.
  • HM Treasury, The Magenta Book, Guidance for Evaluation, available here.
  • Keystone Accountability, Feedback Commons, available here.
  • Acumen, Lean Data Update 2016, available here.
  • Cabinet Office Guide to Segmentation, available here.
Understand what changes
  • Social Value UK, Standard on Applying Principle 2: Understand what changes (Part One: Creating well defined outcomes), available here.
  • Triangle Consulting, Outcome Star, An evidence-based tool for supporting and measuring change, available here.
  • Social Value UK, Global Value Exchange, available here.
  • Social Value UK, myGVE, available here.
  • Charities Evaluation Services, Managing Outcomes: A guide for homelessness organisations, available here.
  • Charities Evaluation Services, Your Project and its Outcomes, available here.
  • Charities Evaluation Services, Developing and Using Outcomes Monitoring Tools, available here.
  • New Economics Foundation, The Sample Indicators Bank, available here.
  • New Economics Foundation, Proving and Improving, a quality & impact toolkit for social enterprise, available here.
  • NPC, Theory of change: The beginning of making a difference, available here.
  • NPC, Creating your theory of change: NPC’s practical guide, available here.
  • Rick Davies and Jess Dart, The ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC) Technique, A Guide to Its Use, available here.
  • Communities and Local Government, Multi-criteria analysis: a manual, available here.
  • Cabinet Office, Guide to Segmentation, available here.
  • Keystone Accountability, Feedback Commons, available here.
  • SurveyMonkey, available here.
Value the things that matter
  • Peter Scholten, The Value Game, available here.
  • Social Value UK, Global Value Exchange, available here.
  • HACT, Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment: A Guide to using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach, available here.
  • Hact, Value Bank, available here.
  • Ecosystem Valuation, Dollar-based Ecosystem Valuation Methods, available here.
  • HM Treasury, Green Book, available here.
  • Fujiwara, D and Campbell, R, Valuation Techniques for Social Cost Benefit Analysis, available here.
Only include what is material
  • Social Value UK, Standard on Applying Principle 4: Only include what is material, available here.
  • AccountAbility, Redefining Materiality, Practice and public policy for effective corporate reporting, available here.
  • AccountAbility, Redefining Materiality II: Why it Matters, Who’s Involved, and What It Means for Corporate Leaders and Boards, available here.
  • Integrated Reporting, Training and Resources, available here.
Do not over-claim
  • NPC, Measuring Together, Impact Measurement in the Youth Justice Sector, available here.
  • NPC, Data Labs, available here.
  • Homes & Communities Agency, Additionality Guide, Fourth Edition 2015, available here.
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Guidance for using Additionality Benchmarks in Appraisal, available here.
  • NEF, Small Slices of a Bigger Pie: Attribution in SROI, available here.
  • Dybdal et al, Contribution Analysis Applied: Reflections on Scope and Methodology, available here.
  • Duflo, Use of Randomization in the Evaluation of Development Effectiveness, available here.
  • Local Government Association, LG Inform, available here.
  • Office for National Statistics, ONS Measures of National Well-Being Dashboard, available here.
Be transparent

None currently available.

Verify the result
  • SVUK Assurance & Accreditation Services, available here.
  • International Federation of Accountants, International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000, available here.
  • AccountAbility, AA1000 Assurance Standard, available here.
Relevant to multiple principles
  • Sametrica, available here.
  • Sinzer, available here.
  • Social Profit Calculator, available here.
  • Social Value Engine, available here.
  • Restore the Earth, available here.
  • The Social Value Self-Assessment Tool, available here.
  • Sopact, available here.

Framework Resources

Below is a list of frameworks, toolkits and protocols that have been designed to help you collect social value information. They are not specific to one principle.

Private Sector

Civil Society

Public Sector

  • None


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