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Maximising Social Value in the Built Environment

Maximising Social Value in the Built Environment Group

The thought leadership and working group on Maximising Social Value in the Built Environment focuses on social value and social impact progress within the built environment sector. There is a strong feeling that considering and responding to the needs of stakeholders should be central when commissioning and delivering projects in the built environment, and this group aims to ensure this happens. RealWorth are convening this working group, as their experience and work in this arena is pioneering. RealWorth work with organisations to put a price on social and environmental change and to help them achieve better, more sustainable outcomes.

Aims and Objectives of the Group

  • Raise awareness of the application and benefits of SROI in the built environment
  • Improve and increase the skills of people using SROI in the built environment
  • Progress the objectives of the Group agreed at the meetings already held in 2017. These are:
  • Lobbying for policy change to make social value a more important consideration when commissioning and delivering projects in the built environment.
  • Developing funding mechanisms (impact investment, gap funding, etc) to address affordability / viability challenges.
  • Publicising the benefits of using Social Value to make better, more informed decisions. Promoting concepts and principles, developing case studies etc.
  • Developing tools to maximise and measure Social Value. This should address auditing and validation by external bodies.

These long term goals are broken up in to timed objectives, more information about, and a chance to mould these objectives, can be found by joining the group.

How can I join the group?

The Built Environment group meet in Manchester and London at different times of the year (approximately quarterly), the next meeting will be on 29 November in Manchester focusing on Revealing Social Value in The Built Environment. Register your attendance here.

To find out more information about the next Built Environment group meeting please contact Social Value UK on and we can direct your enquiry.


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