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Gender and Inclusion and Social Value

Background context

The picture of gender equality in the UK in 2018 is mixed. This is a country celebrating 100 years since women were legally allowed to vote, whilst gender pay gap data is being published showing a poor image of organisations in many sectors (for example Higher Education) . Levels of gender based violence in the UK are high.

There is a need for myth busting and public engagement in gender issues. Anecdotally there feels to be a level of inertia, or apathy. There is a view of feminism or gender issues to be not about men, whilst there are issues that disproportionately affect men as well as those that affect women. Many industries are still very divided along gender lines, as are work based hierarches (construction, medicine, politics, care professions, HR, PR, HE and more). The UK could also learn widely from excellent and innovate work taking place internationally, looking at and learning from the international development sector.

Currently, the resources, best practice, and metrics (outcomes frameworks, indicators etc) are inconsistent or lacking outside of academic research making it difficult for new, and established organisations, working in this area to engage with impact management of their activities.

Potential aims for group

  1. Recognition that gender matters – work towards a greater understanding across sectors and publicly that gender matters and plays a role in how we experience our lives every day. It is only through measuring and understanding that we can begin to manage this impact.
  2. Social impact sector has a role to play – cross learning between social impact sector and specialists and gender related project/activities. A recognition that this is not just about women, and that intersectionality matters.
  3. Set standards on gender, inclusion and impact management – a comparative example is Project Oracle.

Further information

If you’re interested in being involved please reach out to Catherine on


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