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Maximising Social Value Training

Maximising Social Value Training

Organisations are increasingly recognising the need to do more than measure social value and move to a position where decisions can be taken to maximise their social value. Are you a social impact manager, finance director, senior manager, or commissioner? Do you work in an organisation looking at how social value evidence can help you to make decisions? Social Value UK can provide you with the practical skills to improve how you do this.

Social Value UK can facilitate practical, hands on training for:

– those who actively engage with data in their job
– those who gather data for their organisation about their impact
– Social Impact Managers
– Finance Directors, people with a role in their Senior Management Team and those who make strategic decisions based on data.

If the above applies to you and you are keen to focus on managing and maximising social value, this course will enable you to make immediate practical changes to achieve your goal.

We can offer you a one-day interactive workshop that will equip you with practical skills. The workshop is suitable for all levels of decision makers and those that contribute to the management of social impact.
Using practical examples and data, the workshop will identify:

– the questions that need to be asked

– how to develop effective engagement strategies

– how to analyse data to make immediate practical changes to achieve your goal.


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What does the course cover?

  • An exploration of the culture and systems necessary for maximising value, how these are different from measuring and reporting value and how social impact supports social innovation.

  • Practical experience of working with both qualitative and quantitative data as the basis for developing ideas to improve services and increase value.

  • Identifying subgroups and segments within your stakeholders, and discovering where the most value is being created within these groups.

  • Developing a framework to choose between different options for improving your service.

  • Setting social budget and targets to monitor progress in the future.

For more details about the course material, email to Lucy at

Who is the course relevant for?

This training is for anyone interested in analysing data about performance and designing solutions to improve services. You can attend this course at any point of your social value journey. The course used quantitative data in Microsoft Excel therefore a basic proficiency in Microsoft Excel is required.


“It was immensely useful in taking Social Impact measurement to the next level. It provides the ‘ammunition’ to make the case for organisations to measure impact and make intelligent business decisions with it.”

Helen Ball
Social Know How

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How much will this course cost?

To attend a scheduled Maximising Value training it will cost:

  • Cost for 1 day training (existing members) £150 (+VAT)
  • Cost for training & 1 Year membership £200 (+VAT)
  • Cost for 1 day training ONLY (non-members) £175 (+VAT)


How do I attend this training?

Upcoming dates can be found in the table below, you can book by contacting Clare Bentley.

Manchester25 May

As with all of our training courses this can also be offered in house or as a bespoke course. For enquiries about availability, bookings or cost please contact: Clare Bentley, 0151 703 9229,

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