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UK Practitioner Training

SocialValueUK_Home_of_SROISocial Value UK’s flagship training course, SROI Practitioner training, has been running for over seven years, and been delivered to over 1200 people. The course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management and is delivered by accredited trainers and SROI practitioners.

The course itself gives you the tools to measure, increase and optimise the social value of your activities. So whether you’re a public body getting to grips with the Social Value Act, a charity measuring your impact and improving your services, or a private business looking at your triple bottom line, SROI training will help you. For more details about the benefits of social value, click here.


Upcoming Dates

EdinburghEdinburgh Training & Conference Venue14 & 15 March
LondonThe Abbey Centre21 & 22 March
LondonThe Abbey Centre25 & 26 April
ManchesterFriends Meeting House4 & 5 May
LondonThe Abbey Centre17 & 18 May
LondonThe Abbey Centre21 & 22 June
LiverpoolLiverpool Chamber of Commerce4 & 5 July
LondonThe Abbey Centre18 & 19 July
EdinburghEdinburgh Training & Conference Venue13 & 14 September
LondonThe Abbey Centre20 & 21 September
LondonThe Abbey Centre18 & 19 October
ManchesterFriends Meeting House15 & 16 November
LondonThe Abbey Centre13 & 14 December


What does the course cover?Trainer profile

Day 1 is a practical, step-by-step introduction to the SROI process. We will begin with some theory, but the process is best learnt by trying it, so candidates will learn how to develop an impact map – the heart of the SROI process – and explore appropriate real life examples.

Day 2 covers in depth, more theoretical issues behind SROI including valuation techniques and counterfactuals, as well as discussing examples of best practice at different levels of rigour.

For more details about the course material, just send an email to Christina at


Further Information

  • Cost for 2 day training & 1 Year membership £575+VAT (15% membership discount)
  • Cost for 2 day training  £618+VAT

As with all of our training courses this can also be offered in house or as a bespoke course.

All courses are delivered in central locations and in comfortable learning venues. Prices quoted include lunch and refreshments.

For enquiries about availability, bookings or cost please contact: Clare Bentley, 0151 703 9229,


This Course and Accreditation

Anyone wishing to become an SROI Accredited Practitioner will need to have attended both days. Day two is more in depth and builds on day one. Training does not guarantee accreditation, but is a necessary step towards becoming an accredited practitioner.

Find out more about SROI Accreditation.


Training Testimonials

“Excellent course! Very rigorous and checked understanding frequently. I now realise the importance of stakeholder participation with regards to data recording and collection.” Kevin McCann, Magenta

“Good training with participative delivery, the style made possibly difficult topics palatable!” Elaine Harrison, London Borough of Bromley

“The course was fantastic. I knew I was going to enjoy it but I didn’t realise how much. I really feel that this approach is exactly what everyone should be doing!” Louisa Day, Fundraising Central


Other UK SROI Practitioner Training

SROI Training provided by NEF Consultingnef consulting

The SROI methodology was originally developed in the UK by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). NEF Consulting, founded and owned by the New Economics Foundation, offers a wide range of SROI products, including a 2-day SROI training course.

The course covers the methodology and practical guidance needed to carry out an SROI analysis to the highest standard. It includes a large practical element, allowing participants to undertake actual SROI workings and calculations and analyse their implications.

Since NEF Consulting first started delivering SROI training in 2009 we have received excellent feedback. 83% of 2014 participants said that, following our course, they felt confident to undertake an SROI analysis.

All courses are facilitated by SROI Accredited Practitioners and count towards accreditation as a practitioner. The courses are suitable to all levels of experience in evaluation.  We help participants to identify where their existing skills fit into the SROI process and build their confidence in new areas.  Special features include training in NEF’s measurement tools such as the National Accounts of Well-being and valuation techniques.

This is the only accredited course that incorporates building an SROI model on a spread sheet rather than as a paper and pen based exercise.

Participants leave the course knowing how best to apply what they have learned in their own setting so they can prove and improve the value they create.

NEF Consulting also runs bespoke training courses.

Upcoming 2017 Dates

  • 25-26 January (London)
  • 1-2 March (London)
  • 29-30 March (Manchester)


Please check the booking form on the NEF Consulting site.  There is a £50 discount for early bookings – see the form for details.


London and Manchester courses are both delivered in central locations and in comfortable learning venues. Prices quoted include lunch and refreshments.

Training Testimonials

“Excellent, well delivered training that has exceeded my expectations.” – Karen Nolan, Blackpool Council

“Really brilliant course – Thank you!” – Kelly McInnes, Northern Star

“It was a great course and I thought the two of you did a great job at facilitating and making the topic very interesting. I really do believe the course gave me a greater insight into measuring outcomes and it has given me the confidence and the tools to carry out a basic SROI calculation on a project I am leading on. I have been inspired!” –  Anna O’Mahony, Head of MacIntyre My Way

To book or for more details, visit the NEF Consulting website or contact Gorast Adzievski on or 020 7820 6368.

To hear about new NEF Consulting courses,  sign up for the newsletter here.

NEF Consulting

New Economics Foundation

10 Salamanca Place

London, SE1 7HB


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