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Choose the right training for you

We have plenty of training available for a range of different audiences, needs and experience level:


Introduction to SROI training

A set of 3 2 hour webinars, or a day-long course, which will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to SROI.


SROI Practitioner training

Our flagship training course for anyone interested in SROI, or measuring and increasing their social value.


Practitioner Refresher training

If you’ve already been on our SROI Practitioner training course, you can attend again for reduced fee to top up your knowledge.


Maximising Social Value training 

Organisations are increasingly recognising need to maximise impact, Social Value UK can facilitate practical, hands on training for individuals and organisations who provide services around social value/impact measurement and are interested in moving the focus towards managing and maximising value. This training will leave participants ready to go back and begin making changes immediately.


Bespoke and inhouse training

We have worked with plenty of organisations in the past to provide them with training that’s right for their needs, from training up impact managers with investor portfolios, to helping local council procurement teams. All of our listed training courses can also be offered in house or as bespoke courses. Do you have something more specific in mind? Send us an email at



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